Hey guys back with a new video for Valentine`s Day….hope you ddin`t forget i`m your only Valentine ….if you did …i`ll remind you in my way .So check the link above

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AlesyaMuscleDoll got rid of the cast….yipee!.



Hello guys,i`m bcak for you in 2014 aswell!Hope you had a great holliday…mine was fine not great as i was staying with that cast on !i tell you it`s not comfortable at all!!!!

Now the cast is off just got it off a couple days ago and i`ve started already to go to the gym …even the weather outside it`s horrible…..snowing and the image it`s  creepy…but i`m a persson that likes what is unusual!So i`ve already started training to gte back in shape with my right hand aswell and to do what i love the most dominate”lil” boys …and you have so many reasons to worship me …i`m getting sexier everday,stronger and i`m damn smart!

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Hey my dear friends,here i`m back again to share my news with you….yeah you probably know by now how my ladt month was if you`ve checkefd my Youtube channel lately.
These last couple months everything has been going crazy,first i had a been so happy i got a puppy of Golden Retriever that i`ve loved him since first i`ve seen in the pet shop …got him home band just 2 days after on November 20th i had a car accident so my right leg got casted ….a very tragic accident that stopped me dreaming from being a dreamer to my succesful life,career on stage very soon as a competitor in bodybuilding….but i`ve start believing again when a very good sponsor and especially friend helped me have the surgery for my knee….it was sincerely a very tough period for me but still with a cast to my leg just thinking to the surgery ad that is going to make my leg work fine like before i was home training to keep the rest o my body healthy and strong.
So ik had the surgeryfor my knee,came back home,starte the recovery and as i was trying to make steps alone for recovery i`ve been very close to some stairs and for a moment as i was so happy i can walk a bit i`ve slipped and i`ve fallen on the stairs so i`ve broken my right hand.
So at this moment i am i`m typing now with my left hand of course so if i mispell please be nice and understand me it`s not an easy thing to do as i`m not ussualy writing with my left hand…aniway so now as i`ve break it into 3 pieces probably i`ll need a surgery soon meanwhile it is casted but keep on appearing on cam for you on Herbicepscam.com and keep you updated on YouTube so you won`t miss me …
And by the way still doing camshows/custom videos ffor you on Skype at alesyamusceldoll1 i`m not dead yet just injured .And money help for my recovery and for my Xmas presents so if you want to help a bit do not hesitate to contact me i need you more than ever and if you really are my “sweet bitches’ you should and for God sake you can with a bit….and so i`ll be faster healthy again to rule your world….ksses ‘naughties’ and happy Xmas holliday!
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Even after a car accident

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As you`ve heard earlier i had a car accident so my right leg is seriously injured but i`m doing a great job (still) as a mistress proving that whatever happens i don`t stop working out and showing off my supernatural powers of godess
See a lil in this trailer :
Stronger everyday and proving that even injured i can go on …
Bar bending while having a leg broken …mmmm

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chrisalepics 016chrisalepics 024chrisalepics 028Another video of me AlesyaMuscledoll wrestling with ChrisMuscleFitnes


Hey,i`m back with some news to you,

Recently i`ve been updated with some crap from some of the people that care about me that ere totally stupified how can a retard try to denigrate me this way.I`m talking about a post found on a site one ith forum i don`t wanna name cause i don`t like to give any views to such ones where a guy has started bulling about a transaction he has discussed with me.

He calls me “scammer: here are some of his words:

“The  Lady  “ALEYSIA Muscledoll”  from Romani is a SWINDLER!!!!!

She said me, that she will came to Berlin if I pay 200 EU. 50% advance and 50% at the meeting in Berlin.
And she tell me that he work with a Agent together, and in this Agent I need first send 100 euros and she will confirm me the booking with her to make a Session.”

Coming back to my post i`m going to explain you something that can proved .

Why i would travel from Romania or Hungary ( places where i`m living) to Berlin for 100 euros or even 200 euros when even the cost of the ticket is bigger like 280 euros…..just the ticket and tarvelling somewhere else even in your own country involves also booking a hotel,room some place where to sleep plus the costs of the food.

So here we are at a very low cost bodget i would need for such a trip from Hungary/Romania to Berlin at least 400 euros.That means i would e going there to get some money out of my wallet….

From another point of view,i charge at least 5 usd/min,minimum show length 15 mins on my Skype…that`s right in 40 mins in the comfort of my very own flat and bed i would be doing 200 euros without having any headache,with no risk….so i`m still wondering why even people that never talked to me do even answer to this guy.

At some point a guy in the same forum comes out with a brilliant question ….

“Can you post his personal address and bank details if you have them ?”

and here`s his answer:

“No I dont have adress and bankinfo from this guy. I send the money via western union…so He gives me just hes Name and the country where he lives….thats all. Why you want to know this? What can you do if you have his adress and bank info?”

For Western Union transaction u need to specify the full name and the address aswell cause in the same country or city can be more perssons with same first name and last name.

Second,i don`t except anything else but Paypal and and wire transaction to my bank account .

He doesn`t even specify my name but the name of a guy ….sorry man i really am a woman and i have proved this several times and i still show up on my YouTube channel every week when i upload new videos where everybody ( i suppose) has clearly seen i`m a woman and i don`t work with anibody it just my business so if anibody in this world will com up saying it`s me it`s not my fault it`s yours cause yougive it credit and cause you don`t use your brain to see that the costs are too small to be for real for somebody that earns that money easily in a day just from webcam shows without travelling.

i`ve made this post to clear it up cause i`m not scam it`s a business i want to have it for long time so i don`t want to give any shit around so things will go great for long time since now.

Anibody feel free to ask me anything or go and talk to that guy on the forum .

Bearhugs and strong scissoring bit…!Here of me my webcam shows and custom videos on Skype alesyamusceldoll1

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